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Welcome to Focus Language Center!!!

We provide a broad range of high quality language classes and additional language services.

We are all aware of living in multinational global society and that the ability to speak different foreign language is no longer a luxury, but a bare necessity. The knowledge of a foreign language , without doubt, opens up the possibility of finding interesting and well-paid jobs as well as offering many other opportunities.

The skill of foreign language competence can:

  • increase employability
  • enhance the ability to operate cross-culturally, as study of a language brings with it           cultural awareness of a country, its people and customs
  • facilitate international collaboration, particularly in parts of the world where English still      has a limited presence
  • open opportunities to apply for and take up study or work placements abroad

Focus Language Center was found in 1996 by Dr. Nuara Visentin, who thanks to her great experience in teaching and to her unlimited passion for foreign languages and cultures, created a place where to teach and to speak all the languages in the world.

Focus Language Center is located at 10 minutes from Piazza Cavalli, one of the most important squares in Piacenza.

Learning a new language is certainly easier in a friendly and modern atmosphere, such as that of the Focus Language Center.

Our highly qualified mother tongue teachers, the exclusive conversation-based Focus Method and our friendly and professional staff will surely make your learning experience enjoyable, and help you reach the language objectives you desire.

Focus offers individual (one to one lessons), group, mini group,  intensive and business courses, perfect for adults, children and companies.

Each product is personalized and tailored to the needs of every single client, since we know that no two people are the same and the needs and reasons for learning a language are multiple and varied. Our motivated team of professional mother tongue language instructors together with our friendly and professional staff, will make learning pleasant!


Focus Language Center organizes language courses for individuals:

  • One to one or individual classes:

The individual courses are completely tailored to the student, considering their requirements both in terms of length and dates.The one-to-one basis allows the adaption of teaching methods and pace to the needs of the individual student, and the total availability of the teacher provides the opportunity for an intensive study programme in a relaxed “study-dialogue” atmosphere. (Weekend lessons are available on request).


  • Full immersion lessons:

            The Full Immersion courses are particularly recommended for those who, for     professional or personal reasons, must learn a language quickly and with excellent           results. The courses are designed specifically to meet any need and can truly be      considered custommade.


  • Mini group classes (max 3 students):  

Mini Group is a guaranteed small class with a maximum of  students. This means your teacher will be able to give you as much attention as possible and you will be able to make more progress in a shorter time. Your teacher will speak to each person in the class to see what they want to study and then design the weekly timetable around these requests.

In the Mini Group you will have lessons  which will include a focus on grammar, conversation or business. This will help you to develop your ability to communicate, so that you can be confident in different situations. As you will be in a small class, you will have a lot of time to speak and practise your language.


  • Group classes (max 7 students):  

            Group courses let you organize a group of friends or classmates or colleagues.        

The coursework, timetable and social program are all tailored according to thegroup requirements.



  • Specific lessons based on work or study needs:

            The lessons are designed specifically to meet any need and can truly be considered     custommade.

            We offer private lessons in which you can decide exactly what you want to learn.          Lessons can cover pronunciation and speaking practice, but also specific work-related topics for example: preparing for a test at school or helping students to improve their knowkedge of the language at school or preparing for a specific meeting, or preparing the students to different certifications.


            This type of tuition is particularly where students have very particular needs or when      participants wish to learn very intensively.


            Although the school   keeps comprehensive and up-to-date resource material,  participants are encouraged to provide their own material to make the course more       relevant to their own needs. 



  • Individual classes in your office, home or workplace:

We also offer private lessons at home, in your office or workplace. This type of tuition is particularly where students or companies have very particular needs.


  • Business language lessons:

Our Business Course is designed to improve your everyday spoken and written Language and especially to promote fluency in business communication.

The course includes business letters, presentations, negotiations and the particularly important skill of using your Language on the telephone, for conferences or business meetings You can also ask your teacher to cover any specific Business Language needs you have.



  • Specific lessons for the preparation to exams or certifications:

The Language Center, in addition to the teaching for the preparation to exams at the different universities, offers courses to prepare the students to the following certifications:












In our center the teachers and the students are the most important elements in learning a language. All members of the teaching staff are university qualified and are mother tongue teachers. The center selects them carefully, on teaching ability as well as personality. One selected, the teachers receive educational support from the senior teaching staff and encourage to attend courses covering new methods and trends, so their knowledge is always being up-dated. Our teachers are welcoming, friendly and confident towards students and put them at their ease. Their experience and enthusiasm ensure that students obtain maximum satisfaction.




Upon completion of your course, you will receive a certificate stating the course that you have attended and the level attained, as proof of your language competence.



Focus Language Center provides translation services between most languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian and Dutch. We are always able to meet all your translation and interpreting requirements. All translators and interpreters have the appropriate qualification and competency.

Our Translation and Interpreting Service comprises the following:


  • Translation of general and technical documents
  • Translation of specialised documents and certificates
  • Certified translation of documents
  • Revision of general and specialised documents
  • Proof-reading
  • Localisation of websites


  • Simultaneous
  • Consecutive
  • Liaison





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